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Taxi Services in Prague

In the capital city of Prague, the prices of taxi services are regulated. Every taxi driver is required to drive a car visibly labeled as a TAXI car. Every taxi car must have a pricelist displayed in the vehicle, have a taximeter turned on during a ride, and issue a taximeter receipt upon request from a customer.

Taxi Fare Rates

  • The taxi fare rates are regulated in the territory of Prague
    The following are the set maximum prices:
    Boarding (Base Fare): 40 CZK
    Driving: 28 CZK per kilometer
    Waiting Time:    6 CZK per minute
  • No additional surcharges can be added to the maximum price.
  • However, if the ride started outside of the city of Prague or ended outside of this territory, the maximum prices do not apply to the whole duration of the ride. Prices are set according to the carrier's posted price list.
  • At a request of a passenger, the driver is obliged to issue a receipt for the payment printer from the taximeter, which must include the boarding location and the destination of the ride with a handwritten signature.
  • In case of any doubts or a dispute (about the price charged, issuance of a receipt, etc.) it is possible to call the Municipal Police at 156, whom is prepared to solve the issue.

Taxi Vehicle Designation

  • 1. Yellow roof lamp with TAXI sign on its front and rear.
  • 2. First and last name, business name, or name of the carrier visibly placed on the vehicle.
  • 3. Fare rates list visibly placed in the vehicle.

Taxis vehicles do not have a uniform color or a uniform branding.

Need a Taxi?

You have several options: use the nearest taxi station, flag a taxi, order a taxi by phone or, and of course, use the "street" offer.

Taxi Stands

  • The City of Prague has two types of taxis stands established in Prague:
  • Managed taxi stands are designated by a sign.
  • Taxis offering services in these stations are yellow in color and provide a minimum low to a middle class cars with air conditioning.
  • The stands are provided with a notation of the administrator (management) contact, who is responsible for the taxi service within that station in accordance with the valid laws of the Czech Republic.
  • Most of the stands include Information on estimated fares for the most frequent routes.
  • List of the “TAXI Fair Place” is available here.
  • In addition to TAXI Fair Place, taxi stations without management are available in the city of Prague.

Taxi Request

  • Taxi services in Prague are operated by several companies, whose services can be ordered via their dispatch, or on their website.

Whether option you choose, we wish you to reach your destination without any problems.

Calculate estimated taxi fare rate

The calculation does not include the boarding (CZK 40) and waiting time (CZK 6).


Please note that the calculated price is an estimate only. The estimated price is based on the fastest route and the current traffic conditions, but does not include any waiting times.

The route is for planning purposes only. Due to road work and closures, traffic, weather, and other unforeseen events, the actual route conditions may be different from the results on the map, so planning should take all the relevant circumstances into consideration.

Legal requirements for the taxi services

Carrier Requirements

Taxi Service Operator

  • Must be a holder of a trade license (for "passenger road transport for vehicles with a maximum occupancy of 9 persons including the driver").
  • Must register the vehicle that he intends to operate as a taxi. The service provider can use the car as a taxi only if he/she is the owner or the service provider of the vehicle filed in the vehicle registry (taxis may only be vehicle of the category L or M1). Every taxi car must be visibly labeled with name of the carrier and a roof lamp with a “TAXI” inscription. In addition, a fare rate information in the form of a price list must be placed in the vehicle.
  • The operator (holder of a trade license) must provide basic employment relationship when employing a foreign person as the driver. Must abide by the laws of the Czech Republic.
  • Any person who carries out road transport for vehicles with a maximum occupancy of 9 persons including the driver for not-personal use provides a taxi service. This is true regardless of the ordering process.

Driver Requirements

  • The taxi driver must have a valid taxi driver's permit.
  • Must hold a certificate of the ‘Examination of the Topography’ when providing services in the capital city of Prague.
  • Must abide by the laws of the Czech Republic.
  • Drivers using mobile application UBER violate the taxi laws of the Czech Republic.